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ALGO is an annual meeting combining the major European algorithms conference, European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA), and a number of smaller, specialised conferences and workshops. With hundreds of participants, ALGO is the major European meeting of researchers and students in algorithms. 

ALGO 2009 News

  • Post ALGO posts Organiser's impressions after ALGO: part 1, part 2, part 3, in part repeating the business meeting report (yes, there are pie charts!)
    Posted 25 Sept 2009, 11:17 by Thore Husfeldt
  • ALGO blogging Invited speaker Michael Mitzenmacher has been blogging from ALGO: ESA Talk and Paper, Controversy at ESA, ESA 2009. Jeff Phillips guest-blogs at the Geomblog: Geometry at ESA. Invited ...
    Posted 10 Sept 2009, 07:43 by Thore Husfeldt
  • ALGO 2011: Saarbrücken The business meeting at ALGO 2009 decided to accept Kurt Mehlhorn’s bid for ALGO 2011 in Saarbrücken.
    Posted 8 Sept 2009, 01:48 by Thore Husfeldt
  • Pictures album ALGO 2009 pictures by the organisers will be uploaded to
    Posted 6 Sept 2009, 10:45 by Thore Husfeldt
  • ALGO 2010 online Our good friends in Liverpool arrange ALGO 2010. Their website is now online, at
    Posted 6 Aug 2009, 11:50 by Thore Husfeldt
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ALGO 2009 takes place on the campus of IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Algorithms as Green IT

The dramatic increases in computing power over the last few decades are attributed to software and hardware; algorithms research has found clever ways to solve computational tasks such as genome sequencing, car navigation, and web searches, while electrical engineers have built faster and faster machines. However, environmental concerns make it increasingly unattractive to build faster hardware because hardware consumes power – already, the world’s computers emit as much CO2 as does airline traffic.  Therefore, ALGO 2009 wants to raise awareness that algorithms not only compute things faster but also compute them by using less power, or on yesterday’s machines which may be an increasingly important perspective.

An important area of algorithms, called combinatorial optimisation, is concerned with finding solutions to solving problems that arise in logistics and planning. ATMOS, one of the conferences hosted by ALGO, focusses specifically on transportation: how to schedule trains so as to minimise the number of trips with empty cars, or how to pack containers into a ship. Such questions are solved with the aid of computers, and algorithms are responsible for computing the solution. Better algorithms solve the same problem using fewer trains, pack more containers per trip, or find routes that consume less fuel.


·      As the conference organisers have succeeded in making a special flight discount agreement with the Scandinavian Airlines SAS, we would like to encourage delegates to buy Carbon offset when flying with SAS in order to compensate their carbon-dioxide emissions caused by the travel. Under “Carbon Offset”, can delegates find more specific information.

·      Possibilities of getting to Copenhagen by train from selected cities in Europe will be included under “Practical information”.

·       Each delegate will receive a train ticket (klippekort) for their local travel during the conference week. This is to encourage delegates’ use of mass transportation.

·       On the third day of the conference, a joint demonstration cycling event in Copenhagen will be arranged for all delegates. More details will be included in the programme and the registration form.

·       To be a model for other delegates, members of the organising committee will only use either bicycles or mass transportation during the conference week.

Conference hall and meeting rooms

·       The major part of the building management system allows conference facilities not to use energy when they are not in use. As to the remaining part, the Facilities Management staff will make sure that conference facilities do not use energy when they are not in use.

·       Most of the items in the delegates’ conference bags are made from environmentally-sensitive materials.

Food and beverages

·       The food, tea and coffee to be served at the conference will be 100% organic.

·       Only water from the tap, which has good quality and is safe in Denmark, will be served.

·       Only recyclable glasses and mugs will be used during the conference.


The three hotels that we have made special discount agreement with have been making great efforts for the environment and the climate.

·       Hotel Opera is member of the Green Key, which is an international eco-label for tourism products. The Green Key originated for hotels in Denmark in 1994. Companies awarded with TheGreenKey® has to meet a number of environmental requirements and be actively engaged in, among others, reducing the consumption of water and energy; sorting wastes at point of use; using environment-friendly cleansing agents and detergents; etc.

·       Hotel Cab Inn Scandinavia and hotel Cab Inn Metro are making an effort to become member of the Green Key. At present, both hotels have already taken action to diminish the consumption of water and energy through central heating system, utilisation of energy-efficient bulbs, application of water-efficient showers and toilets, etc. Environment-friendly cleansing agents and detergents are also being used at these hotels.