ATMOS 2009 Accepted Papers

  • Martin Aronsson, Markus Bohlin and Per Kreuger. MILP formulations of cumulative constraints for railway scheduling - A comparative study
  • Peter Marton, Jens Maue and Marc Nunkesser. An Improved Train Classification Procedure for the Hump Yard Lausanne Triage
  • Twan Dollevoet, Dennis Huisman, Marie Schmidt and Anita Schoebel. Delay Management with Re-Routing of Passengers
  • Joondong Kim, Alexander Kroeller, Joseph Mitchell and Girishkumar Sabhnani. Scheduling Aircraft to Reduce Controller Workload
  • Daniel Delling, Thomas Pajor, Dorothea Wagner and Christos Zaroliagis. Efficient Route Planning in Flight Networks
  • Apostolos Bessas and Christos Zaroliagis. On Assessing Robustness in Transportation Planning
  • Olaf Beyersdorff and Yevgen Nebesov. Edges as Nodes - a New Approach to Timetable Information
  • Annabell Berger, Daniel Delling, Andreas Gebhardt and Matthias Müller-Hannemann. Accelerating Time-Dependent Multi-Criteria Timetable Information is Harder Than Expected
  • Emanuele Berrettini, Gianlorenzo D'Angelo and Daniel Delling. Arc-Flags in Dynamic Graphs